How To Set Up And Use KDP Spy

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In order to use the KDP Spy extension, you will first want to be logged in to your Book Bolt account.

Once you are logged in to your account, follow these steps in order to start using the extension.

Step 1: Install the extension

To install KDP Spy, click on the KDP Spy extension from the left menu of your account:

This will bring you to the Chrome webstore where you will want to click the blue button to add the extension to your Chrome browser.

Once you have installed the extension, you may need to click on the “puzzle” icon in the upper right hand menu of chrome to pin the extension to your browser bar.

Step 2: Log In To KDP Spy

To login to KDP Spy, simply click the icon from the upper right hand menu of your Chrome browser and this will prompt you to log in.

You want to log in with your Book Bolt credentials.

Step 3: Search

KDP Spy is designed to work on which is the US market. In order to get the extension to work properly, head to and enter in a search term into the Amazon search box. From here, click on search and this will bring up the results.

In this example, we searched for “Dog journal”.

Once the results are being shown on Amazon, it is now time to use the KDP Spy extension.

Step 4: Open KDP Spy

In this final step, click on the extension from the upper right hand menu of Chrome. This will bring up the extension box:

Once the box is open, click on “Start”. This will then start reading the listings from the page and bringing back crucial date that you can use in your business. The extension is designed to go through 100 results but you can stop this process at any time.

From there, you can save your research, sort the columns by clicking on the headers, or use the keyword tab at the top to dig into keywords with actual search volume.

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